Monday, December 23, 2013

History of Traditional Jewish Jewelry

The highly evident fascination with jewelry of all variations continues to grow. For centuries men and women alike have found pleasure and satisfaction in owning and showing off fancy or stylish pieces of jewelry. The possibilities of Traditional Jewish jewelry are endless.

Traditional Jewish Jewelry
With so many different forms, styles, and designs of jewelry, their are more than extensive selections for demanding consumers to indulge in. Finding the right and most perfect jewelry for yourself or perhaps even a gift is typically a fairly simple task. The constant and high demand for Traditional Jewish jewelry causes manufacturing companies of such accessories to be in frequent and steady production of new and more fashionable designs.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Handcrafted Jewish jewelry

If you want to look unique and want to stand out in the rest of the crowd then Jewish jewelry that is crafted by hand should be the real answer. Some people like to move against the crowd and hence will always try their level best to seek attention of others by wearing some of the most unique jewelry forms or costumes. Even that fame of fifteen minutes can take you way ahead in life and so will Jewish jewelry that is hand crafted. Every one has that deep desire to look different but may not always know how to look so.

Different types of jewelry can be worn and if at all you are able to carry it off well it can create the right kind of impact that you desire. Wearing jewelry in Jewish designs can be one of the most unique ideas. For almost any outfit this jewelry can truly be items to highlight. There are many designs available in the market that has become quite common and are unique to look at. Many people are turning their attention to jewelry in Jewish designs which is an indictor that this is one of the most popular forms of jewelry in the recent times, at least in the younger generation.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alle Fine Jewelry - Fine Jewelry Online

Alle Fine Jewelry pioneered the sale of fine jewelry online. The founders came from a background in jewelry sales on television. They extended their vision to the online world back in 1996. They were the first large dedicated jewelry store online at AOL, Yahoo, and Bing in the mid-nineties. They have always specialized in catering to sophisticated tastes. Their efforts have resulted in their ability to bring fine jewelry to the online public at phenomenal prices. Their sheer volume of business has quickly developed their relationships with designer jewelry manufacturers. This has allowed them to buy at great pricing, which they pass on to their customers. They have come to be known as the manufacturer direct to customer online site.

Photography is especially important to Alle Fine Jewelry. Customers must rely upon their photographs to get an idea of the look of the jewelry they wish to purchase. There is not an opportunity to make a trip into the showroom to see jewelry. Alle has developed a special way of presenting the jewelry that gives the customer a good view of the pieces. They are shown in several different angles so the customer can see several views of the piece. They also photograph the jewelry in context so that the size and shape of the jewelry can be seen.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finlay Fine Jewelry - Fine Jewelry in the Department Store

Finlay Fine Jewelry is a fine jewelry retailer. They also run licensed department store fine jewelry departments and fine jewelry stores. At one time they operated a total of 674 locations. These included more than 500 department store jewelers, and more than a hundred stand alone stores. Some of their stand alone stores were known as Bailey Banks & Biddle, Carlyle, and Congress. These operated in as many as 24 states. Finlay was incorporated in 1985 when it was known as SL Holdings Company. In 1988 the name was changed to Finlay. They are based in New York City.
Finlay Fine Jewelry

The best of fine jewelry is offered at Finlay Fine Jewelry. Its stores offer designer jewelry from some of the best designers in the world. They also sell gold. Diamonds are a major part of their collections as are precious gemstones. They have necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings of high quality for sale. Watches and timepieces are sold at Finlay as well. Every location has qualified repair technicians to take care of jewelry and watch repairs. They always ensure that the customer is satisfied and goes away with the perfect piece of jewelry for their tastes.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Israeli Jewelry Designers

It may surprise some people but jewelry is a part of the fashion industry. That fact does make sense because both men and women often enjoy accessorizing their clothes with different kinds of jewelry from earrings and rings to bracelets and necklaces. Watches are also considered jewelry. We may all be familiar with jewelry but we may not know many jewelry designers unless we buy different types of jewelry just like we may not know fashion designers if we are not into fashion. However, even if we know jewelry and jewelry designers Israeli jewelry designers are hard to find.

Diamond Star of David Pendant

It may surprise some people but jewelry is a part of the fashion industry. This makes much sense because jewelry adds creativity, color, and personality to any outfit from the fanciest cocktail dress to jeans and a tee-shirt. People who wear jewelry like to change their jewelry depending on the outfit they are wearing and their mood. Most people know that jewelry has been around for centuries in some form or another. However, not all jewelry lovers are aware of many jewelry designers. Rest assured that there are many great jewelry designers such as Robert Lee Morris and Nolan Miller. Robert Lee Morris designs beautiful jewelry that is inspired by nature and Nolan Miller designs beautiful costume jewelry that is inspired by his making real jewelry for celebrities. Both Nolan Miller and Robert Lee Morris are American jewelry designers and of course there are many international jewelry designers but Israeli jewelry designers are hard to find. But, never fear, there are some Israeli jewelry designers that will be discussed now.

3D Mezuzah Charm

Michal Negrin is an Israeli jewelry designer who has been both designing and creating jewelry for fifteen years and as a professional jewelry designer she doesn’t limit herself to any formal or classical frames of reference. Therefore, this enables her to mix and mingle and mix both colors and shapes. It is important to know that both her jewelry and decorative objects are handmade. This creation process ensures a personal touch to her jewelry designs. She also uses many raw materials in her jewelry creations.

Ayala Bar is an Israeli costume jewelry designer. In fact, it seems like she is a leading Israeli costume jewelry designer. Each piece of her jewelry is created from non precious metals, glass beads, mineral stones, and crystal rhinestones. Ayala Bar makes bracelets, brooches, and necklaces in a beautiful rainbow of colors. Her jewelry creations are like a symphony to you eyes.

Gold Star of David Pendant

Michal Golan is also an Israeli jewelry designer who lives in New York City. His jewelry creations combine both antique and contemporary fashion sensibilities. His jewelry designs are inspired by Byzantine jewelry because much of is jewelry has a generous supply of gemstones such as pearls. Michal Golan’s jewelry designs are also largely inspired by Queen Victoria and Middle Eastern art; especially the colorful mosaic style of Middle Eastern art. Splashes of color seem to be a recurring theme in the jewelry creations of Israeli jewelry designers.

Two-Tone Gold Star of David Pendant

Jewelry is a part of fashion and is very beautiful to both wear and to look at. Some jewelry designers are inspired by nature, some jewelry designers are inspired by animals like pandas so they create a line of black and white jewelry, and other jewelry designers are inspired by color and art. Colors and different art pieces seem to be the muses of Israeli jewelry designers.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Judaica Jewelry Represents Judaism

There are many things that are an essential part of our culture such as movies, sports, politics, religion, food, and fashion. Jewelry is a part of the fashion industry which makes complete sense because clothes need to be correctly accessorized with the perfect piece of jewelry. It may not be surprising that jewelry is a part of the fashion industry but it may be surprising that religion and jewelry go together too. In fact, Judaica, or Jewish jewelry represents Judaism just as cross jewelry represents Christianity. Both Judaica jewelry and crosses have been around for a long time.

14K Gold Star of David Pendant

There are many things that are an essential part of any culture such as movies, sports, politics, religion, food, drink, and fashion. In fact, it is very important to understand that in certain cultures people are not supposed to talk about religion, sports, or politics at the dinner table or at dinner parties because these three topics of conversation seem to be “hot button” topics that could make peaceful people very argumentative. However, it is okay to talk about fashion, jewelry, and religion at the dinner table and at a dinner party or at any other location for that matter. This is because jewelry is a part of the fashion industry and many people do like to wear religious jewelry to accessorize both their professional and their play wardrobes. Some people who like wearing religious jewelry either wear some type of cross if they are Christian and some type of Jewish Star if they believe in Judaism. Rest assured that there are more religious symbols that religious jewelry lovers love to wear besides a cross if they are Christian and a Jewish Star if they are Jewish such as a sand dollar and a Chai. In fact, Judaica jewelry, or Jewish jewelry represents Judaism.

14K Gold Hamsa Pendant

It is also important to know that in the Jewish culture jewelry has played an important role since biblical times. In fact, there are references in the bible to the custom of wearing jewelry both as a decoration and as a symbol of religious faith. Today, Jewish jewelry is worn to illustrate affiliation with the Jewish faith and as talismans and amulets. Therefore, it seems correct to say that Judaica jewelry represents Judaism.

14K Gold Torah Pendant

The Star of David is the symbol most recognized with Judaism. Did you know that the Star of David was used in Roman times? However, it seems to have been associated with Judaism in particular only in later centuries. In the 17th century it became both a cultural and a religious practice to place the Star of David outside of synagogues, in order to identify them as Jewish houses of worship. One of the most common symbols of Jewish jewelry is the Star of David, which is the equivalent of wearing a cross by Christians. Another interesting fact involving Judaica or Jewish jewelry is that the color blue, especially light blue is used much in creating Jewish jewelry. This is because Jews believe that the color blue would project against the evil eye and harm. Therefore, the color blue is also a reason why Judaica jewelry represents Judaism.

14K Gold Chai Medal

In addition to the Star of David, the Chai symbol which is usually worn on necklaces is a part of Jewish jewelry. The Hebrew word Chai means living and some people claim that it is also equivalent to 18. This Hebrew word also refers to God. Therefore, Judaica jewelry represents Judaism.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Religious Men's Jewish Jewelry

Most people like to wear some type of clothing and most people have clothes for both work and for play. In addition to wearing clothes on a daily basis for work and for pleasure some people have jewelry that they wear on a daily basis for work and for pleasure. Jewelry lovers might choose to wear a simple pair of pearl button earrings, a pearl ring, and a small gray or white pearl necklace while at work and they might wear a turquoise jewelry ensemble when they go out to their favorite restaurant for dinner.

White Gold Star of David Pendant

Jewelry lovers and jewelry beginners alike choose pieces of jewelry that express their mood, their creativity, and their personality. Many women like to wear pearl jewelry when they wish to feel sophisticated and worldly. Jewelry lovers who have a passion for the sea and sea life might wish to wear pearl jewelry because pearls come from the sea and the ocean via oysters. Pearls are created when a grain or grains of sand get caught in oysters. Eating oysters is supposed to stimulate people’s libidos. Therefore, possibly by wearing a pearl suite of jewelry during an evening of dinner and dancing it will lead to an unforgettable night of romance. Pearls are very elegant and classy gemstones that come in a variety of colors such as white, black, gray, pink, and plum. Therefore, they are also very pretty.

Large Hamsa Pendant

However, men can have jewelry made for them out of pearls. Men most likely would create a piece of jewelry out of the classic white pearls, if they designed a piece of jewelry from pearls at all. A Star of David created out of white freshwater peals would be stunning for either men or women. A Star of David is a piece of Jewish jewelry that both men and women have worn for centuries. A Star of David is a piece of religious jewelry. Therefore, it seems as if Jewish jewelry for both men and women is religious.

In addition to jewelry being a vital part of the fashion industry jewelry is also a vital part to some cultures. In fact, in the Jewish culture, jewelry has played an important role since biblical times. People might be interested to know that there are references in the bible of the custom of wearing jewelry both as a decoration and as symbol of the Jewish faith. In modern times Jewish jewelry is to illustrate a strong affiliation with the Jewish religion and as talismans and as amulets. In addition, did you know that much of the Jewish jewelry created for both men and women is created from blue gemstones and other blue materials? Therefore, Stars of David’s are often created out of sapphires, turquoise, and even abalone shells. This is because the Jewish religion believes that the color blue, especially light blue will protect its wearer from both evil and harm. So far we have learned that Jewish jewelry for both men and women is religious, useful, and fashion forward.

14K White Gold Mezuzah Pendant

Moreover, it is important to understand that some Jewish jewelry is decorated with portions or initials of important Jewish prayers such as the prayer said over wine and the prayer over bread. Religious Jewish jewelry for both men and women could also have three letter combinations that are believed to represent different names of the Jewish God. Jewish jewelry for men is both religious and rocks.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Brief Guide to Gold Jewish Jewelry

Gold Jewish jewelry has been in existence for several centuries now. With the advent of the internet, more and more people have become aware of gold Jewish jewelry these days. You can find more fashion conscious young women finding them irresistible. Whether it is for wearing for a special occasion or for work, gold Jewish jewelry seems to suit almost any need. It is this versatility that is making it popular among people around the world. There seems to be a renewed fascination for Jewish jewelry the world over. The unique designs and shapes are catching the fancy of the young and old alike.

Gold Jewish jewelry has been always in demand for a long time now. More and more youngsters these days are becoming aware of the fascinating designs and patterns of Jewish jewelry and are going in a big way for them. There are a lot of items of decorative jewelry which form part of Jewish jewelry which are widely available these days. A simple online search can put you across the numerous designs that are on offer when it comes to this particular type of jewelry.

White Gold Hamsa with Star of David Pendant

Gold Jewish jewelry has got a lot to do with religious beliefs and rituals. Most of the pieces of Jewish jewelry have some kind of hidden meaning in their designs. This in a way strengthens the spiritual bond between the particular piece of jewelry and the wearer. One can find many pieces of Jewish jewelry which are decorated with Jewish motifs. These motifs come in the form of pendants, earrings, bracelets and chains. With advancing fashion technology there are many more patterns and trends emerging in the market as far as Jewish jewelry is concerned.

There are literally hundreds of online sources from where you can order Gold Jewish jewelry. Make sure though that you are dealing with an authentic online jewelry store. This is so because with intense competition prevailing there are many counterfeit items of Jewish jewelry doing the rounds in the market. You should always make sure that you are dealing with a genuine online store before you actually make your purchase decision.

Gold Jewish jewelry comes in various designs and shapes. One good example is the ‘Menorah’ symbol which is actually an expression or symbol of hope for Jewish people. Yet another common design found in Jewish jewelry is the ‘Star of David’. This symbol consists of a six-pointed start which is actually considered a symbol of Jewish identity. The ‘Chai’ symbol is another design that finds a large number of takers. This symbol has great significance for the Jewish people for this symbol denotes life, vigilance and enthusiasm. ‘The dove of peace’ is another popular symbol used in Jewish jewelry. So is ‘Hamsa hand’ which is a symbol believed to give protection from the dangers of an evil eye. There is a wide variety of such symbols on offer when it comes to Jewish jewelry.

Gold Jewish jewelry need not be dull or drab as a lot of people may think it to be. There are beautiful designs which are ideally suited for people of all age groups. In fact Jewish jewelry is famous among celebrities and you can make a distinct fashion statement by wearing them. One can find detailed information on gold Jewish jewelry by visiting dedicated online sources. Going through them will help you in making a prudent decision when you actually purchase some piece of Jewish jewelry.