Saturday, November 12, 2011

Religious Men's Jewish Jewelry

Most people like to wear some type of clothing and most people have clothes for both work and for play. In addition to wearing clothes on a daily basis for work and for pleasure some people have jewelry that they wear on a daily basis for work and for pleasure. Jewelry lovers might choose to wear a simple pair of pearl button earrings, a pearl ring, and a small gray or white pearl necklace while at work and they might wear a turquoise jewelry ensemble when they go out to their favorite restaurant for dinner.

White Gold Star of David Pendant

Jewelry lovers and jewelry beginners alike choose pieces of jewelry that express their mood, their creativity, and their personality. Many women like to wear pearl jewelry when they wish to feel sophisticated and worldly. Jewelry lovers who have a passion for the sea and sea life might wish to wear pearl jewelry because pearls come from the sea and the ocean via oysters. Pearls are created when a grain or grains of sand get caught in oysters. Eating oysters is supposed to stimulate people’s libidos. Therefore, possibly by wearing a pearl suite of jewelry during an evening of dinner and dancing it will lead to an unforgettable night of romance. Pearls are very elegant and classy gemstones that come in a variety of colors such as white, black, gray, pink, and plum. Therefore, they are also very pretty.

Large Hamsa Pendant

However, men can have jewelry made for them out of pearls. Men most likely would create a piece of jewelry out of the classic white pearls, if they designed a piece of jewelry from pearls at all. A Star of David created out of white freshwater peals would be stunning for either men or women. A Star of David is a piece of Jewish jewelry that both men and women have worn for centuries. A Star of David is a piece of religious jewelry. Therefore, it seems as if Jewish jewelry for both men and women is religious.

In addition to jewelry being a vital part of the fashion industry jewelry is also a vital part to some cultures. In fact, in the Jewish culture, jewelry has played an important role since biblical times. People might be interested to know that there are references in the bible of the custom of wearing jewelry both as a decoration and as symbol of the Jewish faith. In modern times Jewish jewelry is to illustrate a strong affiliation with the Jewish religion and as talismans and as amulets. In addition, did you know that much of the Jewish jewelry created for both men and women is created from blue gemstones and other blue materials? Therefore, Stars of David’s are often created out of sapphires, turquoise, and even abalone shells. This is because the Jewish religion believes that the color blue, especially light blue will protect its wearer from both evil and harm. So far we have learned that Jewish jewelry for both men and women is religious, useful, and fashion forward.

14K White Gold Mezuzah Pendant

Moreover, it is important to understand that some Jewish jewelry is decorated with portions or initials of important Jewish prayers such as the prayer said over wine and the prayer over bread. Religious Jewish jewelry for both men and women could also have three letter combinations that are believed to represent different names of the Jewish God. Jewish jewelry for men is both religious and rocks.