Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Israeli Jewelry Designers

It may surprise some people but jewelry is a part of the fashion industry. That fact does make sense because both men and women often enjoy accessorizing their clothes with different kinds of jewelry from earrings and rings to bracelets and necklaces. Watches are also considered jewelry. We may all be familiar with jewelry but we may not know many jewelry designers unless we buy different types of jewelry just like we may not know fashion designers if we are not into fashion. However, even if we know jewelry and jewelry designers Israeli jewelry designers are hard to find.

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It may surprise some people but jewelry is a part of the fashion industry. This makes much sense because jewelry adds creativity, color, and personality to any outfit from the fanciest cocktail dress to jeans and a tee-shirt. People who wear jewelry like to change their jewelry depending on the outfit they are wearing and their mood. Most people know that jewelry has been around for centuries in some form or another. However, not all jewelry lovers are aware of many jewelry designers. Rest assured that there are many great jewelry designers such as Robert Lee Morris and Nolan Miller. Robert Lee Morris designs beautiful jewelry that is inspired by nature and Nolan Miller designs beautiful costume jewelry that is inspired by his making real jewelry for celebrities. Both Nolan Miller and Robert Lee Morris are American jewelry designers and of course there are many international jewelry designers but Israeli jewelry designers are hard to find. But, never fear, there are some Israeli jewelry designers that will be discussed now.

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Michal Negrin is an Israeli jewelry designer who has been both designing and creating jewelry for fifteen years and as a professional jewelry designer she doesn’t limit herself to any formal or classical frames of reference. Therefore, this enables her to mix and mingle and mix both colors and shapes. It is important to know that both her jewelry and decorative objects are handmade. This creation process ensures a personal touch to her jewelry designs. She also uses many raw materials in her jewelry creations.

Ayala Bar is an Israeli costume jewelry designer. In fact, it seems like she is a leading Israeli costume jewelry designer. Each piece of her jewelry is created from non precious metals, glass beads, mineral stones, and crystal rhinestones. Ayala Bar makes bracelets, brooches, and necklaces in a beautiful rainbow of colors. Her jewelry creations are like a symphony to you eyes.

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Michal Golan is also an Israeli jewelry designer who lives in New York City. His jewelry creations combine both antique and contemporary fashion sensibilities. His jewelry designs are inspired by Byzantine jewelry because much of is jewelry has a generous supply of gemstones such as pearls. Michal Golan’s jewelry designs are also largely inspired by Queen Victoria and Middle Eastern art; especially the colorful mosaic style of Middle Eastern art. Splashes of color seem to be a recurring theme in the jewelry creations of Israeli jewelry designers.

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Jewelry is a part of fashion and is very beautiful to both wear and to look at. Some jewelry designers are inspired by nature, some jewelry designers are inspired by animals like pandas so they create a line of black and white jewelry, and other jewelry designers are inspired by color and art. Colors and different art pieces seem to be the muses of Israeli jewelry designers.