Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alle Fine Jewelry - Fine Jewelry Online

Alle Fine Jewelry pioneered the sale of fine jewelry online. The founders came from a background in jewelry sales on television. They extended their vision to the online world back in 1996. They were the first large dedicated jewelry store online at AOL, Yahoo, and Bing in the mid-nineties. They have always specialized in catering to sophisticated tastes. Their efforts have resulted in their ability to bring fine jewelry to the online public at phenomenal prices. Their sheer volume of business has quickly developed their relationships with designer jewelry manufacturers. This has allowed them to buy at great pricing, which they pass on to their customers. They have come to be known as the manufacturer direct to customer online site.

Photography is especially important to Alle Fine Jewelry. Customers must rely upon their photographs to get an idea of the look of the jewelry they wish to purchase. There is not an opportunity to make a trip into the showroom to see jewelry. Alle has developed a special way of presenting the jewelry that gives the customer a good view of the pieces. They are shown in several different angles so the customer can see several views of the piece. They also photograph the jewelry in context so that the size and shape of the jewelry can be seen.